Testimonials- feedback from various journeys

'Known this counsellor for a very long time and after my  consultation she made me feel very at ease and after my first session she tailored a package to suit me and my sessions since then have been fantastic, 5 stars'


 I know this person very well she has helped me in my personal life not in her professional capacity, but with the knowledge and background that she has acquired from her years of studying, and she has given me very good advice.
So therefore I would not hesitate to recommend her professional services. 


'Run by a wonderful person and a fantastic listener. She’s kind hearted and very easy to talk to. While I haven’t had therapy with her I studied with her during her qualification and couldn’t recommend her enough! '


'I have known this person for many years and seen, first hand, the commitment, dedication, passion and hard work she has put in to get this qualification and now the start of her own business. After many years studying and becoming the professional she has naturally grew in to, has been a pleasure to see and now, being able to recommend her as a qualified psychotherapist is somewhat a pleasure to be able to recommend such talent. An amazing person and I know the professional life your about to embark on is something of a passion for you and something that is natural as the type of person you are. An amazing achievement and here's to your successful and long career as a practitioner. Well done and highly recommended.'

' Absolutely fantastic !!!! '

'The first chat helped settle nerves and the first session even more so! Ch'maine has the capability to make sessions feel so natural, you don't feel under pressure or rushed.'

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