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The right to be individual and unique

 I have worked effectively with many different individuals, presenting with various challenges and situations. I will always allow your specific needs to guide the way we go forward, introducing techniques or suggestions to help you to understand and search for alternative ways to better your worries/concerns. Together we can begin to understand the whys and whats of your struggles.  We can address the way situations, relationships and events may have impacted on your life so far, looking for practical ways of dealing with stress to improve the way that you think and feel.

Ways we can work together

Sessions are  offered to suit a range of challenges and situations. One to one sessions are offered both on a long term or a short term basis. Telephone and online services are available for those who may not wish to or cannot partake in one to one sessions. I choose not to determine  how many sessions each person has, but work with you to find solutions to your individual situation.  Together we can begin to understand presenting obstacles and address past and present situations based on your level of comfortableness. All sessions are conducted at your own pace. 

Where do I work from?

As each individual has their own levels of comfortableness, sessions are offered in a variety of ways. These include home-based at either the client location or my own or, a therapy room in an alternative location upon request. Accessibility and directions for each location can be discussed to make travel arrangements as easy as possible for all.

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