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Thank you for exploring Calming Minds. I am Ch'maine Robinson, a qualified counsellor and member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I am also an accredited member of The National Counselling and Hypnotherapy Societies (NCS, NHS).  I trained in counselling and psychotherapy after  having had my own experiences with counselling, realising how great the benefits can be.  Due to this understanding,  I always aim to develop a relationship of mutual trust, empathy and welcome challenges set at a clients own pace. I do understand, first hand, how daunting such a decision is when you first experience therapy of any kind. All questions will be invited and explored before you go on to book your Initial consultation. 

The Therapeutic Journey

Choosing to explore therapy can be hard, especially at the beginning. However, the choice to explore your well-being and journey in life can provide positive results previously undiscovered. This invites the opportunity to grow self- worth,values and beliefs in situations that may have looked like they offered no other path.  Trauma's can be explored and fears broken down using therapeutic tools and techniques that are manageable and can be incorporated into your daily life. I believe these services to offer highly effective ways in dealing with many of the stresses and anxieties which we often hide away. When done so, this is to the detriment of our mental health and well-being as a whole.  Therefore, the therapeutic journey allows individuals time,  provision of a safe, neutral space and the opportunity to be listened to without judgement or opinion.  Each client is accepted and valued as himself or herself.  

My values and client promise

As a person centred, integrated therapist, it is my goal to walk with you on every step of your journey.  Various tools and techniques can be introduced which can enable you to focus and navigate parts of your path, steering you into a new sense of direction and at a pace you feel comfortable with.  As you  grow from your struggles, your pain and other obstacles, I can ensure I provide an ethical, personable foundation to work from. From this, will be the chance to  move forward to where you want to be in your life. As we are all unique individuals, it is worthy to note that quick fix results and changes do not occur and therefore not guaranteed. However, with time, freedom of speech, and a chance to improve on your own well-being and situations, there are many great benefits found within Counselling.

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